"Credible analysis, based on scientific principles and sound engineering practices, enables the Government and Industry to make good decisions."

. . . Ed Hlywa

Why Weapons Analysis LLC?

Weapons Analysis LLC is recognized within the Defense Community for its unique analytical capabilities, offering over 40 years of experience in weaponeering, weapon design and development, fire control, and modeling and simulation.

Weapons Analysis LLC has extensive Government and Private Sector experience, and is proud of its proven record for influencing weapons acquisitions and sales. Weapons Analysis LLC has a passion for mathematics, statistical analysis, and scientific discovery; a sharing of that discovery; and the spirited application of operations research and analysis.

Analysis you can use to make good decisions.

  • Technical Guidance and Support
  • Weaponeering
  • Weapon Effectiveness
  • Ballistic Analysis
  • Naval Warfare and Concepts of Operation
  • Modeling and Simulations
  • Numerical Methods
  • International Business
  • Fire Control Design and Development
  • Decision Analysis
  • Seminars and Tutorials
Technical Proficiencies
  • JTCG/ME JMEM Weaponeering System (JWS)
  • JMEM/A-S, S-S Weaponeering Systems (JAWS JWES)
  • Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model (AJEM)
  • Joint Mean Area of Effects Model (JMAE)
  • Artillery Effectiveness Model (ARTQUIK)
  • Projectile Analysis Design Analysis Systems (PRODAS)
  • Naval Simulation System (NSS)
  • CONWEP TM 5-855-1
  • MATLAB / Octave / MathCAD / R-S
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
Contact Information

Ed Hlywa
Weapons Analysis LLC
118 Cleremont Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

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