Weapons Analysis LLC offers credible solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing our military and weapon suppliers.

Services include:
  • Conduct Research and Write Position Papers to Support Program Plans and Business Development.
  • Assess Capabilities, Limitations and Adequacies of Modeling and Simulation Tools for Weapon Analysis, War Gaming and Decision Processes.
  • Analyze Weapon Test Data, Live Firing Demonstrations and Qualification Exercises.
  • Verify and Validate Weapon System Models and Simulations.
  • Develop Presentations and Produce Briefing Materials to Support Products and Services.
  • Conduct "Quick Look" Weapon Analysis to Support Program and Management Decisions.
  • Develop Custom Algorithms and Numerical Methods to Support Specific Project Needs.
  • Develop and Document Operational Situations and Scenarios for Design Reference Missions.
  • Codify Concepts of Operation for Weapon Systems.
  • Conduct Comparative Weapon Assessment and Analysis of Alternatives.
  • Analyze Data Sensitivity and Error Budgets for Weapon Delivery Accuracy.
  • Support Proposal Efforts and Conduct "Red Team" Reviews.
  • Provide Tutorial Services for Selected Topics of Weapons Analysis.